Gasthof Drei Hacken
Gasthof Drei Hacken
Gasthof Drei Hacken

Terms of service

In the Drei Hacken the conditions according to the Austrian hotel regulations are designed, see appropriate excerpt below.
In addition, the conditions can be viewed following this link on the page

Austrian Hotel regulations (excerpt)
The accommodation contract usually comes through the acceptance of the written or verbal order of the guest by the
It can be agreed that the guest makes a down payment.
The hotelier may also request the advance payment of the entire agreed fee.

Cancellation of the accommodation contract - cancellation conditions
No later than three months before the agreed date of arrival of the guest, the accommodation contract without payment of a cancellation fee
be resolved by both parties by unilateral declaration. The cancellation must be made no later than three months before
agreed date of arrival of the guest in the hands of the contracting party.
Between 3 months and 1 month 40% of the package price is due as a cancellation fee.
At the latest one month to one week before the agreed date of arrival of the guest, the accommodation contract of both contracting parties are dissolved by unilateral declaration, however, it is a cancellation fee in the amount of 70% of the package price. Cancellation must be at least one month before the agreed date of arrival of the guest in the hands of the contracting party.
In case of cancellation in the last week before the day of arrival, 90% of the total package price is to be paid as a cancellation fee.
Even if the guest does not use the rooms ordered or the pension, he is committed to pay the agreed fee to the hotelier. The hotelier must deduct, however, what he is due to non-use of his
Services or what he has received by other letting of the ordered rooms.

Animal regulations

Animals may only be brought with the prior consent of the hotelier and possibly against a special remuneration in the tourist accommodation.
The contracting party taking an animal is obliged to keep this animal properly during his stay to supervise or have it supervised by suitable third parties at its expense.
The contracting party or guest who carries an animal has to have an appropriate animal liability insurance or a private liability insurance, which also covers possible damage caused by animals. Proof of the corresponding insurance is to be provided at the request of the accommodation provider.
The contracting party or its insurer are liable to the hotelier for the undivided hand for the damage brought by animals. The damage also includes in particular those compensation payments made by the accommodation provider that the accommodation provider provides to third parties. Animals are not allowed to stay in the social and restaurant rooms.

Completion of the accommodation
If the accommodation contract has been agreed for a certain period of time, it will end with the passage of time. If the guest leaves prematurely, so is the hotelier entitled to demand the full agreed remuneration. The hotelier, however, is allowed to rent out rooms that were not taken anymore, according to the relevant circumstances.