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Gasthof Drei Hacken
Gasthof Drei Hacken

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Love at first sight in early childhood.

{b217027aaa3feefc4b186507c316a771}In my opinion, everyone of us is shaped by experiences in early childhood. My most impressive experience occurred in shape of a Z750H2 in 1974. It belonged to a young chap in our village and had 71HP - 3 more than my father’s brand new Taunus 1600. From this point of time I knew that this was my passion and my life.

Shortly after my dream came true in shape of a PUCH Bergmeister bike with 5 gears – I was only 10 years old but it was a start. Finally I was able to get to the nearby LERU-Ring (now Wachauring) where I made another experience leaving a permanent impression on me. The legendary Rallycross international contests fascinated me so much that I never missed a single race. Racing weekends were also the biggest motorbike exhibition in our region. Having seen the colourful pictures in magazines, here I could admire all the models up close. My eyes lit up when I saw the new 4-cylinder machines from Japan or the sporty Italian models with their amazing sound.

Torn between the Ducati, Benelli and Hondas at the parking lot and the Escorts, Stratos and Beetles on the racing course, my enthusiasm for motor sports was ignited, and has been running through my life like a red line ever since.

In 1979, five years later, I started training to become a chef at the restaurant at Melk Abbey, which was of great advantage to me since I had a beautiful view across the LERU-Ring. My wheels at the time were a PUCH DS 50. Not the greatest top model on the 50-ccm market but a road legal, Austrian quality product. Riding a SG 250 in the nearby gravel pit or on various field tracks (due to lack of a driving licence), we earned our first stripes at a time when road safety training was an unknown word.

And then came 1983 – finally I got my driving licence. Taking a friend along, I immediately made a down payment for a Dahrma 900. During the mid 80s, Pöchlarn was something like a DUCATI - stronghold, with 13 registered Ducatis at times. Not to forget, this was a time when the Italian Panther 500 was the latest trend. Like with so many things in life, we neglect them once they are in our possession. Having not taken good care of the Duc, she lasted only two seasons. The Dahrma would be a brilliant classic model now.

Well – various models of Japanese and German makes followed, and a Volvo Amazon, which I used to take part in many rallies, takes pride in my garage since the mid 90s. My friends and I have organised the Waldviertel Winter Historic for the past four years. This rally is an orienteering race, which takes place exclusively on ice and through snow across the Forest Quarter‘s wintry landscape. Planning the route for this event, I discover again and again new agricultural and forest roads. My summer guests can then take advantage of the newly discovered routes since Enduro-hiking has become one of my favorite hobbies.

I am currently using a 990 Adv. by KTM and a 400 LC4, built 1986. And in the latest news, Sylvia is now also mobile – with a Duke 690. We are currently looking for a Alp 200 for her since she is very keen to try the fun of Enduro-hiking herself.

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